Academic Advising

Advisement at JCC

Fall 2024 Advisement and Registration is underway! Follow the instructions for Current or New Student Advisement below.

The academic advising process at Jamestown Community College assists students in developing and implementing educational plans that are compatible with their life goals and which lead to student success and completion. Advisement provides a connecting and caring experience for students while emphasizing the importance of student responsibility in the process.

Your responsibilities

While your advisors are responsible to support and guide you through your academic journey, you are in the driver’s seat! At JCC, students are responsible to become self-sufficient in academic and career planning through consultation with faculty advisors. The Advisement Syllabus further explains responsibilities and expectations. 

  • Create academic and career plans
  • Based on plans, select and self-register for courses
  • Continually monitor progress toward plans using Banner and Degree Works
  • Connect to educational resources which support achieving plans
  • If plans need to be adjusted, seek assistance from appropriate resources
  • Plan early and on an ongoing basis for a smooth transition to a transfer institution or the workforce

Your career community

At JCC, every student is part of a career community. Career communities are clusters of academic majors that share similar coursework or career opportunities, where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with faculty from multiple academic areas, connect with like-minded peers, and engage in organized events. Events may include speakers, employer panels, on-campus activities, and engagement opportunities within the local community.

Your advisement team

Advisors assist students with academic, career, and transfer planning, and are available to all JCC students. Success Navigators assist students in the transition to college and connect them to advisors and other resources.

Students with declared majors are assigned to discipline faculty, who support them by:

  • Assisting students with academic planning
  • Facilitating course registration
  • Facilitating discussions regarding career and transfer
  • Connecting students to academic and career services (Accessibility, Learning Centers, Career Services)
  • Participating in events sponsored by the career community

Undeclared students are advised by counselors, who assist them in exploring and choosing career pathways that align with their interests. They also act as holistic support resources for all students within each Career Community. Counselors support students by:

  • Providing career counseling and acting as primary advisor for undecided students
  • Assisting students with personal obstacles that can impede success
  • Assisting students in transfer planning process 
  • Acting as a generalist advisor in the absence of faculty
  • Teaching students how to use JCC technology
  • Facilitating course registration
  • Connecting students to on- and off-campus supports as needed (e.g. mental health counseling, health insurance navigator, food pantries, etc.)

Success Navigators are your initial point of contact after you've been accepted to JCC. They assist you through your next steps before your semester begins to ensure a successful start. These steps include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing for and scheduling an advisement session
  • Logging into your JCC accounts
  • Finalizing your financial plans for college
  • Submitting your vaccine information

Success Navigators also keep in touch by text message throughout to remind you of important deadlines and milestones. You can always reach out to your Success Navigator with questions!